Version: 0.64


Gomamon Trainer is a work-in-progress visual novel digimon smut game which pushes you into a strange digital world, trapped with a cute male Gomamon. The very same Gomamon from Digimon Adventure.

This is a simple enough game. You press buttons to advance the game, talk and molest Gomamon. It is heavily inspired by My Very Own Lith and I recommend you check it out in case it is unknown to you.

This is an unfinished game and will still need many resources to be completed.


The world you find yourself in is not the digital world you know however, but a strange In-Between-World and you have to find your way out with Gomamon by your side. Talk, Molest and Fuck the little digimon however you please as you advance further to escape with him by your side.

You can either be nice or mean to him, depending if you want him to be your Lover Slut or Slave Slut. As this is an unfinished game, this feature has no effect as of yet.


I am grateful for any and all critique I get for this game.

In case you like the game and want to support me with more than playing the game or spreading the word, feel free to become one of my Patreons or donate on my Ko-fi.

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StatusIn development
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(242 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
Tags2D, Adult, Anime, digimon, Erotic, Furry, Gay, Mouse only, NSFW


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Its saying there is a script error on the browser

how to get plesiomon

It says "Javascript error" does anyone know how to fix?

I'm having the same issue

Yo can someone/the developer make this mobile. I only have android rn. I'm too poor to buy a pc.


use joiplay it works with most ren'py visual novels

Do you intend to make the game run on win11 in the next update? it is easy my favorite NSFW game but I had to switch to win11...


I honestly am not sure why it doesn't work on Windows 11. It sounds like a Windows kind of problem, so I hope Windows themselves fix any trouble the program has. I personally am not sure what I need to do to fix that problem. Should it persist though I will have to look into it. I am sorry things aren't running.

I am on windows 11 and it works fine  so maybe something personal is the proble

not function in windows 11 😭 :/

how do i stop the evil bar from filling up? i keep avoiding doing perverted things and no matter what i do i keep corrupting him 😭


I assume you unlocked Harassment but not the other part that is filling the bar up in a 'Good' way. See what I did there? =3

"Idle Chit-Chat" unlocks "Explore" and "Explore" is the story segment which leads to you being able to do perverted stuff to him for story relevant reasons. So that is the way to go.

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kk so i tried not doing anything perverted or bad to him unless forced while exploring and the evil bar is still filling . it seems like the game is forcing it to fill. Idk if this is a bug or if i am doing something wrong :(


I can't be certain either, but I am sure the game works as intended, as neither I nor anyone else has noticed such an issue. Bonding is the section you need. In Explore there are sometimes decisions that can fill up the Evil and Good bar. Being more nice and a tad less perverted to him in that area is the right option for the Good bar.

You can name what part/choice the problem is, if you have still trouble.


I have a quick question... Which art is being worked on for the next update? or is that a surprise? If you can't say exactly, could you at least say which route it's for? I'm really curious!

Story segment 3rd Arc Fingerfuck and Boypussy Rape are going to be in the next update.

Blowjob (3rd Arc art of it) and Sexual Belly Rubs are in the works, but still a bit off, so they will most likely be in another update. ^^


when will more updates come?


i want to ask why the new update take long time , are this update change all art or there same think else ?


Art can take a long time, I very highly doubt the next update will add every scene, but rather they will be added throughout multiple future updates.

You can check their Patreon to keep up to date on the development.


Art simply takes longer. I hope to have some positive news soon. So, nothing big. Just planning on about two scenes per update like usual.


Can you make it available in mobile plss


news on the update please


it’s still not working.


We still waiting on the updated art

Yeah. Art is taking longer than expected and I don't want to put the artists under pressure. They do some amazing work and should be able to get it done at their own pace. The end result will be worth it. Hopefully this month I can offer a new build.




Hey, just wanted to let you know

The flash versión (from mobile chrome browser) appears to be broken. Switching to PC display doesn't solve the issue.

The exact error message is :

Error: Script error. (see JavaScript console for details)

This is strange, because the flash versión used to work on the chrome browser some moths ago.

Mate, flash was discontinued a little bit ago.


Please make an android version


The game can easily run on android through joiplay. I myself passed it through and there were no problems.

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What's joiplay?

Nevermind, found out.

How do you get the game to play? I downloaded the windows version. I downloaded the plugin, (not from playstore) and when i want to open the game, it doesn't. It behaves as an app opening, but quickly after closes and leaves me on the joiplay interface.


I don't even know what to advise you... Everything works for me. I didn't do anything special. I just downloaded it through google play. It works for me.


its cool and all but i think if u make on mobile it prob be better

i mean when download


Any news on the update


Waiting on art still, but I should hopefully get some progress this week or next. Maybe even getting some finished one. Just need the art and then the new build is out. No guarantee it is getting out this week or next. The art takes the time it needs. ^^

is there going to be some post story stuff? Or more stuff about them when they get out of the PC?


Nothing more, aside from missing lewd art. Those are Endings after all for a reason. Sequels aren't planned as I have other projects that need my attention. I feel like this is a good way to end it too.

Does this mean there will never be a continuation? It really depends if demand for Gomamon Trainer is big enough to come back a few years down the line. For now I would assume that this is it.

i'm wondering if there are any guides for the secret scenes i think i get the basic gist of them but i would rather know for sure

Since I completed the secret Lover's path (Gomamon being able to Warp Digivolve), I may be able to help you

that would be great if you are willing

Where are you needing help specifically?

honestly just a general overview of what to do for each stage would be great

Technically just be an overall nice guy, randomly click on the picture to unlock some secret sex scenes, especially after cumming all over him after a "failed" attempt to give him your essence via a clawjob, and again doing the best thing possible to show you care for the future Digislut such as just looking away when the Elecmon are gangraping him and telling him it hurt not to be able to do anything and all should go accordingly

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Hi, We have finished translating your game into French and we are thinking to translate it into other languages. But the only problem we have is that we can't change the language in the game so we propose you to translate your game by changing the line of code to change the language

If you wish, you can contact us without any problem by posting a message here with these numbers (1256)

What other languages will you translate into?

you want in language

I ask since I don't speak English. So using a translator after every sentence is problematic. It's problematic. That's why I'm asking, if you will translate, into what languages. Maybe one of them will be mine.

tell we your language


Looks like I overlooked that message. You are free to translate things. Probably would be better if you waited until after the game is finished. No idea how you will do things after an update after all.

Either way, there is no need for us to be in direct contact. You can translate things as you want. I have nothing to add. ^^


Is there any game for android

Can we get a pacific date of when the update might come out.


It depends on when the art is ready. And it simply takes some time. It should be this month hopefully. There is some progress.


Chinese version? I am not planning on doing any translating, but the game is open and can be fully translated by whoever wants to, but it might be best to do that only after the game is complete.

Are you going to make it so i can diwnload thus on android by any chance

Well, I will try to look into it after the game is complete. No promises though, as I have no idea how difficult that would be.


Any news when the next update?


Art got delayed, so the build is not ready yet. Later in March it should work out hopefully.


Loving this game 😊 I'm super excited to see what the next updates are going to be.


Love the game hope more comes from it!


I can’t get past the options of harassment and say sooo can someone help me please 😖🙏🏽


Idle Chit Chat will eventually make the option Explore appear which let's you progress the story. It is a bit of a clumsy design option in hindsight, but as my first game, such stumbles probably can't be helped.


thankssss 🙏🏽

max out the red side of things and advance the story. thats how i did it

thank you 🙏🏽🙏🏽


Will there ever be a android release of this game


As has been said by a few people, if you really want to play this on android, then you need to get an app from the play store called "Joiplay" and then make sure to also get "Ren'py plugin for Joiplay" also from the play store. Download "Gomamon trainer" from here as if you were playing on windows and put the folder somewhere Joiplay can access (generally anywhere in your phones primary storage and not an SD), then open Joiplay and click the plus in the bottom right to add a new game. You can set the Name, Version, and icon to whatever you want but make sure that in the section for "Executable File" you select either the "Gomamon Trainer.exe or .py" file and as long as everything works as intended you should be good to go. Hope everything works out and remember you'll have to set it all up again when the next update comes out.


I don't get why I have to set up 2 apps just to play one can easily be solved by someone making Android version of the game And then I'm gonna have to set it up all over again after I go through all of that work I respect you but that is something I can't do


it's really not that complicated, a few steps of setup, sure, but after that it's just open Joiplay and click the game.  And it's one app, the second thing is just a plugin to give it support for the engine that "Gomamon Trainer" is made with. You don't have to use it, was just letting you know a means of running it on your phone.  The dev had mentioned complications with the android and browser versions in the past,  so I offered an alternative  "Foolproof" means of accomplishing your request. Apologies that the solution was not sufficient. 


OK Let's just say we both don't want to do things that we suggested


Having issues playing it on both browser and renpy player keeps crashing at title screen


Will there ever be a mobile version of the game and if so when will it come out


The best nsfw game i've ever played, rn i got nuetral and good... kinda feel bad for wan'ting to see bad


Just got done with one play through of the game so far my thoughts are very high can't wait to see where this game will go and the second thing I wanna say is I'm wondering what the February update is going to be about


Hey! Just so you know, on the web version, I keep getting a script error and I don't really know if it's on my end or on your end. I really enjoyed this game and it's been a while since I've played and I wanted to revisit it but now I can't seem to play sadly


(1 edit) (+5)

I'm anxiously awaiting both your next project and the February update ^-^

hmm... are there any news for this game ? like when update cam out or what happen to art game ? or music ? or any think 


Their Patreon has plenty of updates on the game's progress, and it seems to be going smoothly.

It seems there's going to be more music to the game depending on the route instead of that single loop going by the whole time.

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Will this have a mobile version? Also the browser version is broken

yo I Can't Seem To Break The Locks, Any Help With That

use the talk option till the explore option comes up and then use explore option a bunch
talk and explore move the story along which removes the locks


gostaria de pergunta, se depois do gomamon, você fará com outros digimon?

 como agumon, gabumon veemon etc


Palmon will happen at some point in the future. But no plans for others as of right now.

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